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Tower Climbing Services

Since 1997, Casair has maintained a team of fully trained, certified tower climbers to meet your deployment and repair needs. Our climbers are experienced working on Cell Towers, both self-supported and guyed; Water Towers; Grain Elevators; Radio Towers; and Two-Way Towers. Casair has clearance to provide both maintenance and construction services at all the major Tower Company sites, including American Tower Co., SBA, Crown Castle and Global Tower.

At Casair safety is the top priority. Our climbers maintain annual certifications as required by OSHA, MIOSHA ANSI/ASSE and MSA. They also maintain certification in First Aid, CPR and Tower Rescue.

Casair's tower climbers are unique in that they are also BICSI Level II trained and fiber optics certified (CAT5 and CAT6 Certification). Because more and more tower gear is moving to fiber optics and CAT6 Casair has battery powered fusion and mass fusion splicers that can be deployed at the top a tower.

We stock a vast amount of outdoor CAT6, LMR, grounding cables, mounts and related equipment that can be provided for emergency deployment.

Casair has the equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Casair provides the following:

  • Custom tower H section and standoff fabrication,
  • Antenna mounting and pointing
  • Cabling ( including fiber optics)
  • Stud welding for water tower mounts
  • TIG Welding
  • ARC Welding
  • CAD welding
  • OTDR and Fiber testing
  • CAT6 and CAT5 testing
  • Fiber Splicing (Fusion and Mass Fusion)
  • Coax Testing
  • Tower site snow plowing
  • Complete tower deployment
  • Bucket Truck (35 Feet) and lift truck (61 Feet) for short work
  • Construction management
  • Tower construction - 100 feet or less
  • Emergency services

Call us for your all tower climbing needs. Rates start at $65/hr. Typically, a ground man is required. If you have any other questions, or require our services, please feel free to contact us at: or (800) 343-8749.

Casair's Dickerson Lake Tower

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