The Latest Technology for your Business

We understand the difficulties and frustrations that most businesses face when it comes to running your operations with limited choices of High Speed Internet. Casair is determined to bring these services to the areas where other companies won't budge to expand.

We have a variety of options available to you based on the size of your business and how many computers and/or servers you are managing. We have standard plans to suit the smaller businesses, and we can provide customized solutions to enterprises, schools, government entities, and beyond.

We provide all of our services locally here in Michigan bringing High Speed Internet and other services where its needed.

Broadband Services

Support your business of any size with our robust Wireless Internet or surf at the speed of light with fiber Internet.

Security Solutions

Keeping your business secured these days is extremely critical. We have the best solution to keep you protected from all threats.

Computer Services

Whether you are looking for customized systems for your business or computer repair, we have experienced staff to take care of your needs.

What Sets Us Apart

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when handling technology services
is what kind of company are you doing business with.

We're Local

Casair operates 100% from Michigan. Anyone that you speak with or meet will be based from our office in Stanton.

We're Experienced

We've been providing our services for many years with a wide range of expertise, and we know how to suit your needs as a company.

We're Affordable

We will work with you from day one to make sure we're giving you the best price that's customized to your company's environment.

Our Services

With a wide variety of technology and Broadband services
we can reach to any business in the city or rural areas.

Broadband Services

We offer a variety of services to connect your business to the world and show your presence.

  • Wireless Internet
  • Fiber Internet
  • Wireless Internet Backup
  • Phone
  • Web, Email & DNS Hosting

Security Solutions

We are a Platinum Partner with Sophos that will make sure to cover every threat to your business.

  • Antivirus
  • Network Protection
  • Enduser Protection
  • Server Protection
  • Complete Security Suite

Computer Solutions

Take the hassle out of ordering and maintaining computers and let Casair take care of you.

  • Computer Sales
  • Computer Repair
  • Diagnostics and Tune-up
  • Virus Removal
  • On-Site Repair

Take the next step

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