Expanding In Your City

We plan to expand into many cities and surrounding rural areas. Select one of the cities below for more information and expansion maps.

Bringing Fiber to Rural Mid-Michigan

Most of our customers and residents within rural Mid-Michigan have heard that Casair is laying a fiber-optic network around the rural areas of mid-Michigan. This is certainly true as we are constructing 400 miles of 10GigE fiber. The general purpose of this fiber rollout is to connect to the majority of our tower locations, and by doing so we will create massive amounts of bandwidth for our customers. On the same token, those who live along our proposed fiber route will have the opportunity to receive Fiber Internet services.

The biggest question we are asked is if we are going to expand the fiber network beyond our proposed routes. We certainly intend to expand our fiber services as this will become the future of the Internet. However, being a small company that we are, constructing new fiber routes comes at a considerable cost.

This is why we have created this page. We are reaching out to those customers who would like to have fiber Internet services down their street. There are a number of factors that come into play when deciding where to expand fiber.

What It'll Take to Expand Fiber Internet


The installation of new fiber routes will have to be connected to our existing network.


We need to make sure that the stretch of expansion can be affordable.


We will consider areas where we have a cluster of existing wireless customers.