High Speed Internet To Go

The time has come for a new type of Mobile Internet service. Introducing Casair's mobile devices, you can take the Internet within our wireless network coverage. You no longer have to be tied down to one fixed location to receive High Speed Internet!

These devices are versatile for a number of people; whether you're out on the road or running a business, heading to the campground for the week, or living in a place where you cannot have equipment mounted on buildings. Whatever your situation is, our High Speed Internet will be there when you need it.

What do you get in return? High Speed Internet with unlimited data, a monthly bill that isn't loaded with extra charges, and 7-day support that is 100% local right here in Michigan.

Unlimited Data

Use as much Internet as you'd like without restrictions or overage charges.

Mobility At Its Best

Have High Speed Internet anywhere within our 2.5GHz network.

Internet Support

We have a team of support staff standing by to troubleshoot issues.

Straightforward Pricing

We charge fixed rates that do not add taxes or extra fees on the final bill.

Referral Bonus

Bring new customers to us and we'll give you a $39.95 credit.

No Contract

Enjoy the freedom of Mobile Internet with no contracts!

Mobile Basic

1Mbps Download
256kbps Upload
Unlimited Data
3 Email Accounts

Mobile Pro

3Mbps Download
512kbps Upload
Unlimited Data
3 Email Accounts

Mobile Ultimate

5Mbps Download
768kbps Upload
Unlimited Data
3 Email Accounts

Speeds are burstable and not guaranteed. Service is subject to availability. Wireless Extreme requires direct line of sight to our tower locations.

Mobile Internet Coverage Area

Take a look to see where you can use Mobile Internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no installation charges, however there is a one-time purchase of $125 + tax for the mobile device. There is no contract for this service.

We do provide unlimited usage to all of our customers. Please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy for further details.

We do have many customers who have the capability to stream movies/shows (Netflix, Hulu, etc) or do console gaming. However, this is not something that we guarantee to our customers. This will be based on what service plan you have and how strong your service is.

Your ping level will be based on how strong your connection is to our tower and will also depend on the type of equipment you are running. On average, our customers will experience ping/latency from 20ms to 100ms. This is not a guarantee and latency will fluctuate as with any other provider.

Typically other providers will offer faster speeds but will come with a comprimise, which in most cases is putting a data cap on your service. We keep our service speeds at fixed levels to control bandwidth and to give everyone the opportunity to have unlimited service. As we continue to grow, we will expand our offerings as far as services and speeds.

We have a well staffed team that is available to support you 7 days a week. On the weekdays you can reach Internet Support from 8am - 5pm on the phone. On the weekdays from 5pm - 8pm we offer voicemail and email support. On Saturday and Sunday we also offer voicemail and email support from 8am - 8pm.

Voicemail Support is where you can still call in to our office and leave a voicemail. This will automatically create a case in the queue for a call back in regards to your questions.

You can also send an email at anytime and a case will automatically be created in your name and placed in the queue.

Our response time to all cases is no more than 24 hours depending on volume.

We are in the midst of a large expansion project so we will continue to expand as long as we see the demand to move into a certain area. We recommend you visit our Coverage Map and fill in the form below to request Casair in your area. This doesn't guarantee that service will come to your area, but we will place you on a waiting list to inform you if any plans are in place to come to your neighborhood.
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