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Router Troubleshooting

If you're experiencing any issues with your Internet service, try these troubleshooting tips to see if you can repair the connection on your own. If these guides do not work, please contact our Internet Support team for further assistance.

Bypassing the Router

Often times when a customer has an issue with their Internet service being slow or unresponsive, the wireless router should be the first thing to check. The way to do this is to bypass the router:

Looking at the back of the router, unplug the Ethernet cable that is plugged into the "Internet" port. This is the cable that is coming from Casair's power adapter to your router.

Plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port located behind your desktop or typically on the side of your laptop.

When you have plugged this in, wait approximately 30 seconds for your computer to connect to the Internet

Open your browser and go to our speed test page located at and run the test to make sure your speeds are up to par with what you signed up for.

If you have no Internet connectivity or slower than usual speeds, please contact Internet Support.

Resetting Your Router

If you are still experiencing issues with your Internet connection or have determined that the wireless router is your issue, your next step would be to reset the router back to factory settings.

Note: By doing this, you will have to re-establish your Wi-Fi Network name and password. Casair is not responsible for supporting your Network ID and password.

On the back of your router look for a reset button. This often will need to be pressed for 10 to 15 seconds to reset. The lights on the router should cycle back on while it powers up again.

Once this is reset, check your computer connection to see if your Internet connection has been restored. In some cases the router will automatically connect your Internet connection back up again. However, please note that your Wi-Fi network is still unsecured at this point with no password.

You may have to refer to your router's manual for the next step: Open a browser window and type in the address field If you are not sure of the router's default IP address (and you have Windows), you can go to the start menu and type in "CMD.exe" in the search box. This should pull up a command prompt window, and then type in "ipconfig". The results will show a multiple set of numbers and you will need to look for "Default Gateway"

From here, follow the directions in your router's settings to establish Wi-Fi security as well as other settings.

Router Support

If you need assistance with your router, the majority of manufacturers offer 24 hour support where they can assist and walk you through your router configurations to get you back on track. Here's a list of the most common router brands below with their numbers:

  • Asus - 812-282-2787 - Website

  • Belkin - 800-223-5546 - Website

  • Buffalo - 866-752-6210 - Website

  • Cisco - 800-326-7114 - Website

  • D-Link - 877-453-5465 - Website

  • Linksys - 855-464-5947 - Website

  • Netgear - 888-638-4327 - Website

  • TRENDnet - 866-845-3673 - Website

  • Further Assistance

    With our phone service most issues are uncommon. If you do experience any issues with your phone calls or features not working, please contact our support team directly for assistance. We strongly urge not to reset any of the equipment as this will cause total failure of your service, and your ATA device will need to be sent back for reprogramming for a fee.

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