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Casair has a wide variety of installation techniques to ensure that every customer will get the best possible service. One of the biggest questions we get from customers is how the equipment is installed from outside the home and where it goes. This gallery will give you an example of the different ways we can install our wireless antennas.

*Please note: The type of install equipment available will be dependent on where the best signal to your building comes from.

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Standard Roof Mounts
Ground Mounts
Tower/Tripod Mounts
Other Mounts
Tower Mast Installation
Ensures the best reach for signal.
Eave Mount
For high-pitch roofs
TV Antennas
We can attach to existing mounts
Deck Mount
We can mount to other structures beyond the home
Temporary Non-Penetrating Mount
Ideal for winter installations
One Arm Bracket Mount
Simple and non-obtrusive
One Arm Roof Mount
featuring line of sight antenna
10' Metal Pole Mount
Featuring 3.65GHz Antenna
One Arm Roof Mount 2
Featuring 2.5GHz antenna
Electric Pole Mount
Easy Solution for a good signal
Wooden Pole Mount
For Higher Reach over trees
10' Tripod Roof Mount
When extra height is needed
18' Metal Pole Mount
When a tripod on the roof isn't needed
Ground Metal Pole Mount
An alternative to building mounts
5' Tripod Roof Mount
For hard to reach areas